Approaching the digital world: computers and peripherals

A computer is a machine with which you can do many things such as writing, playing, drawing, search for information on the Internet, connect with family and friends, buy online, check your bank account ...

At home you can have a desktop computer, which is fixed, or a laptop. The fixed computer has the following basic elements: a screen or monitor, a central unit that is also called a tower, a keyboard and a mouse.

Use of ATMs

To withdraw cash from the ATM, you will first need your card and your secret number or PIN.

First, insert the card into the corresponding slot. In most ATMs there is a drawing that indicates how to do it in the correct way.

Then, you can select the language in which you prefer to perform the banking operation and a message indicating to enter the pin or secret number will appear on the screen. Make sure no one can see your…

Use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging application for your phone: you can send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, voice notes and you can also make and receive calls. In addition, you can also see the person with whom you are speaking on the phone.

Before using this application, it is necessary to configure the privacy and security settings in order to navigate safely. To change the privacy, we look for the Settings button in the…

Use of Facebook

Facebook is a social network. What does that mean? On this website you can be in contact with other people and share publications such as photos, videos, opinions, events. It can be used from a computer, a tablet or from the mobile phone itself.

To create an account on Facebook can be done by indicating the mobile phone or email that is available.

Once registered in the application, you can modify the profile photo and add…

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