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What is Healthy Aging?

According to the World Health Organization, active aging is the process of optimizing health, participation and safety opportunities to improve the quality of life as people get older.

In this way, aging is a universal process in all stages of life and concerns all people, including autonomous ones; those who are at risk of becoming fragile, or actually fragile; as well as people with disabilities or in situations of dependency.

Aging in a healthy way means maintaining an active life; acquire good habits; promote adequate nutrition and adequate physical activity, as well as take care of our health.

When people participate in their closest environment through associations, social movements, etc., and remain connected to the world around them: family; Friends: neighborhood, increase your well-being and quality of life.

Another relevant aspect is lifelong learning. Curiosity, the desire for knowledge, being open to new ideas is a healthy exercise to carry out throughout life.

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