Manual of Active Aging, a project with a future

The population increase of people over 65 years of age, with respect to the rest of the population is due to the decrease of births and the longer time of the years of life. This reality does not escape to the province of Almeria, and for that reason this sector of population is object of special attention from the Community Social Services and especially in those municipalities that are smaller of 20,000 inhabitants, like competence of the Diputación.

In this context, working for the prevention of dependence, from a perspective that promotes active aging, understood as an opportunity to fully live this vital stage, is considered as a challenge for this provincial institution. To be an older person at this time means to grow old in a society of accelerated and unexpected changes, some of which directly affect the subject and the relational model in which the older person thought he would grow old.

These changes are rapid and older people may not find themselves with the necessary resources or with difficulties to adapt to these new situations, which imply new values ​​and new ways of seeing the reality of the moment.


You can download here  the Manual of Active Aging 

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