Approaching the digital world: computers and peripherals

A computer is a machine with which you can do many things such as writing, playing, drawing, search for information on the Internet, connect with family and friends, buy online, check your bank account ...

At home you can have a desktop computer, which is fixed, or a laptop. The fixed computer has the following basic elements: a screen or monitor, a central unit that is also called a tower, a keyboard and a mouse.

The laptop has the same elements as the fixed one, but it is all united in one piece, and the mouse is the touch zone that is usually in the center of the keyboard.

The information and operation of the entire computer is processed and controlled in the central unit. The monitor is the screen where you can see what we do with the computer. The keyboard is generally used for writing but also serves, through some keys, to perform some functions of the computer. Finally, the mouse allows us to indicate commands to the computer, such as opening and closing applications, and to move inside the screen.

The rest of the devices connected to the central unit are called peripherals and the most important are the input and output devices. It is about those devices that can send and receive data such as Wi-Fi.

Other peripheral devices that are connected by cables are, among others:

The Webcam is a very useful camera to be able to see our family and friends on the screen if we connect with applications that allow remote conversations, for example.

  • With the printer we can get on paper the interesting information that we are reading on the screen.
  • The speakers allow us to amplify the sound of the videos and audios that we have in the computer.
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