Use of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a free messaging application for your phone: you can send and receive messages, photos, videos, documents, voice notes and you can also make and receive calls. In addition, you can also see the person with whom you are speaking on the phone.

Before using this application, it is necessary to configure the privacy and security settings in order to navigate safely. To change the privacy, we look for the Settings button in the menu, to select who can see the time we last connected, our profile picture, the state we have shown, etc.

When a message is written, a symbol appears that has been sent, when it appears twice in black it means that it has been delivered and the blue symbol is the confirmation that the message has been read.

Sometimes we send messages that we do not want to send, that the messages can not be read by the small print ... for this the application can be configured in Settings elements of the chats such as the size of the source, the background of the conversations, the tone of notifications of the reception of messages, etc.

To make calls it is very easy: you look for the contact in the list of telephones and press the icon to call. Another option is to call through the Contact chat with whom we want to talk. In the video call, the icon of the front camera is included, to be seen during the call, and the symbol of the rear camera to show images during the conversation.

If you do not want to write, you can send voice notes by pressing the microphone icon, pressing it to start the recording and releasing it to send the voice message.

Group chats are an alternative to chat with several people at the same time. To create a group, in the Menu button, we will press the New group option and select those contacts that we want to add to it. We can represent the group with an image that is familiar to all and if we administer the group you can add or remove members. In addition, groups can be silenced for 8 hours, a week or a whole year. You can also create broadcast lists to which we will add the contacts we want, which will receive the message we send individually and will respond without seeing the answers of others.

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