Use of ATMs

To withdraw cash from the ATM, you will first need your card and your secret number or PIN.

First, insert the card into the corresponding slot. In most ATMs there is a drawing that indicates how to do it in the correct way.

Then, you can select the language in which you prefer to perform the banking operation and a message indicating to enter the pin or secret number will appear on the screen. Make sure no one can see your password by placing a hand on the one you are typing on the keyboard.

On the screen you will see different boxes with different amounts of money, mark the amount to be drawn, or write the exact amount in the box. If there is an error in the requested quantity, you can try again, by pressing the delete and correct key, writing it again and giving the Continue key. The last step will be to confirm if the amount is correct, by clicking on the green OK button.

In some banks offers to perform another operation after withdrawing money, choose the option you want by dialing the keys YES or NO.

Finally, a message will appear on the cashier's screen about whether you want to receive the transaction or not.

When you finish the operation, remove the card, the receipt and the money.

Remember: After withdrawing money, it is better to count it and save it soon, as well as the card to prevent oversights.

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